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Executive Courses

WLCI Executive courses are designed to develop specific abilities and process based skills required in various professions that meet the needs of employers. The part time courses offered are in a range of professions - Marketing, Finance, HR and also in the creative fields of Fashion, Media and Design. These part time programmes ensure that the industry professionals upgrade their knowledge and professional skills and be relevant in today's dynamic and competitive business environment.

Whether you aim to acquire cutting edge knowledge, build new abilities or acquire professional skills, these executive courses will provide you with an opportunity to excel in your profession and enhance your career growth to move up in the corporate ladder. On completion of these highly specialized courses, new job seekers find employment easier because of their wide acceptability in the Industry, working professionals stand a better chance of being considered for higher-level positions and the self-employed can expect to multiply their earnings by making commercial use of skills gained during the part timecourses. These part time courses are offered in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other WLCI campuses.

WLCI's Executive management courses are thus designed to address and fulfill specific requirements of both Individuals and organizations and have created a 'win-win' situation for you and your employers. These part time courses are offered in three levels - Foundation, Proficient and Specialist.

Some of the unique highlights of Executive Courses are:

  • WLCI programmes are structured to meet the learning and timing requirements of individuals
  • Focus on imparting job specific skill, knowledge and attitude to enhance performance on the job
  • All sessions are delivered through an Online or Virtual mode.
  • Training by instructors with extensive and wide experience from varied fields
  • Foundation level courses will be online and the learner will be given access to e-WLCI for content.
  • Proficient and Specialist level courses will be delivered through virtual classes, scheduled every Saturday
  • Placement assistance will be offered on successful completion of the Proficient and Specialist level courses

Who can apply:

Any professional desirous of upgrading his or her qualification and skills and aspires to develop professional abilities in specialized areas of Business (Marketing/Finance/HR) and Creative (Fashion/Media/Advertising & Graphic Design)

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