Executive PG Programme in Business Economics

Programmes for Working Professionals

WLCI offers Executive Programmes which are customized to meet the needs of business executives and entrepreneurs. These programmes are ideal for those of you who have significant managerial experience but lack the theoretical understanding of business and strategy the knowledge of which will contribute exponentially to your organizations. For both individual executives and the organizations that sponsor them, the WLCI Executive Programmes provide a critical opportunity to reflect, rethink, and retool for the future. Most importantly, these Specialist level programmes are structured to cause minimum disruption in your career.

The purpose of the Executive Programmes is to equip you with knowledge and skills necessary to drive results at various levels at the workplace. These programmes give you an immediate benefit of using your newly-acquired skills in your workplace. You embark on a comprehensive academic journey that prepares you to successfully navigate the diverse challenges that executives face in today's dynamic global marketplace. The curriculum across all the levels helps you examine the economic, political, social, and ethical demands of business leadership.

Executive PG Programme in Business Economics

With Specialization in :
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Our Executive Programme in Business Economics offers you a choice of the above mentioned three specializations. Across all the three disciplines, the content is well defined and structured to provide you a strong foundation in the basic principles of Business, Finance, HR, Marketing and Leadership.

Benefits to the Participants

  1. You gain valuable insights through case studies and by sharing experiences with your peers which are integrated into discussions by our eminent Faculty
  2. You engage in several problem-solving exercises, team presentations and role plays and through such project based learning, learn to apply a broad spectrum of competencies, skills and knowledge to help your organization acquire a competitive edge
  3. You learn to align operational objectives with business goals and growth strategies
  4. Your creative thinking and decision making skills are enhanced which enable you to solve complex business problems
  5. You understand, develop, measure and apply a strategic focus on corporate financials
  6. You develop a large network of fellow students and Faculty to tap into for future opportunities
  7. You obtain access to additional resources, including versatile trainings and recommended readings and books